Indie movies are going to be our saviors from boredom as the pandemic slowly approaches its one-year anniversary. While major studios are trying to churn out the blockbusters we miss, the independent filmmakers out there are filling in the vacant spaces with some unique and thankfully original features.

One such film features Phoebe Sparrow of ‘Downton Abby’ and Simon Dwyer from ‘Jack Ryan’. This film by Marc Price is a sci-fi flick called ‘Dune Drifter’. We were gifted this exclusive clip of the film showing off some claustrophobia-inducing drama. Check it out below.

‘Dune Drifter’ is coming to digital, VOD, and DVD on December 1st, 2020. Pre-orders are currently being taken on Amazon.


During an ongoing battle for humanity, a group of rookie space fighter pilots is sent to join the battle against an armada of unbeatable enemy ships. When the trainee pilot and her gunner are shot down, they manage to crash land on a nearby planet. With the gunner mortally wounded and her own life support only set to last two days, our pilot’s only option is to fix her ship. The sudden appearance of an enemy craft offers the answer, but as the pilot looks for parts to use on her own ship she is horrified to spot another survivor; an enemy alien soldier who has no intention of letting her escape.