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Are you a superfan of one of the most beloved films of the ’80s?  ‘The Goonies’ is celebrating its 35th Anniversary and Oregon Film and Travel Oregon are throwing a four-day event in its honor.  The event will be held in Astoria, the setting of the movie, which holds an annual Goonies Day, but because of the special anniversary, this year’s will be extra special.  The event will be held from June 4-7.

Via a press release, it was announced:

“During the four-day event, Goonies fans can hear tales about filming from those who were there, bowl at “Chunk’s Bowling Alley” as seen in the film, and embark on their own adventure with an interactive scavenger hunt. Official memorabilia, including t-shirts, hats, glassware, and more, will be available at the event’s headquarters, which will once again be at the Astoria Armory.”

Just don’t go to Mikey and Brand’s house.  Because of all the disruptive fans and their litter and such, the owners are not welcoming to visitors.  But bus tours will be available.

Travel Oregon CEO, Todd Davidson stated:

“This celebration is dedicated to the amazing Goonies fans and the special places where it was filmed.  We hope this June’s events will find Goonies lovers on location reliving one of the most beloved coming-of-age stories of the 1980s.”

Executive Director of Oregon Film, Tim Williams added:

“We’re so lucky as a state to have these creative partners to bring together a community to celebrate a film like this.  It’s always such a pleasure to remind people of the deep and exciting history this state has with film, and then gather together in places like Astoria to showcase famous Oregon locations.”

Crew members will be reminiscing about the making of the film, but none of the cast has been secured yet at this point.  However, cast members like Sean Astin (Mikey), Jeff Cohen (Chunk), Corey Feldman (Mouth), Curtis Hanson (Mr. Perkins), and Joe Pantoliano (Francis Fratelli) have appeared in the past, along with producer/director Richard Donner who appeared for one day ten years ago for the 25th anniversary.

If you can’t make it for Goonies Day, there will be screenings of the classic film in various locations throughout the state leading up to that point:

Will you be checking out ‘The Goonies’ on the big screen?  Or visiting Astoria this summer?


Source: /Film