We’ve known for a while now that the first season of the animated Disney+ show, Marvel’s “What If…?,” was getting a follow-up season.  Today, Disney and Marvel have confirmed the new season’s release date, along with some additional fun information about the release schedule of the individual episodes.  Read on for more info!

Starting its life in comic-book form back in 1977, Marvel’s series told alternate-reality tales about heroes and characters that readers knew well.  The first issue was titled “What if… Spider-Man Joined the Fantastic Four?” and it set the precedent that readers would be seeing, essentially, the early stages of what would eventually become known as The Multiverse.

Now that the stories have shifted onto the television screen with the first season of “What If…?,” the tales being told are directly connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its version of classic Marvel characters.  The nine episodes in the inaugural season revolved around tales of alternate versions of The Avengers, Black Panther, Ultron, Doctor Strange, zombies, and more!

While the complete list of episodes for Season 2 hasn’t been officially released yet, several leaks claim to outline the entire season.  Items that have been confirmed by Disney include episodes revolving around The Tesseract landing on Earth in pre-colonization North America (allowing for the introduction of a new Native American super hero, Kahhori), Captain Carter and her relationship with The Watcher, and an episode based on the Neil Gaimen-penned Marvel comic placing popular heroes in the year 1602.

While parts of the season remain shrouded in (relative) secrecy, Disney & Marvel have released a new trailer for the season, along with the great news that not only does the season premiere on Friday, December 22nd, but all 9 episodes of the new season will be released sequentially on a daily basis.  This would put the final episode of the season to be released on Saturday, December 30th of this year.

Take a peek at the new trailer and season synopsis below, and leave us a comment if there’s a particular Marvel character you’re hoping to see in the new episodes!


The Watcher returns to season two of Marvel Studios’ “What If…?” when the animated series begins streaming on Disney+ on Dec. 22. And in the spirit of the holiday season, fans are invited to unwrap a new episode nightly for nine nights. Check out the new trailer and poster—now available to share with your readers.

Season two of “What If…?” continues the journey as The Watcher guides viewers through the vast multiverse, introducing brand new and familiar faces throughout the MCU. The series questions, revisits and twists classic Marvel Cinematic moments with an incredible voice cast that includes a host of stars who reprise their iconic roles. Featuring fan-favorite characters this season like Nebula, Hela and Happy Hogan, episodes are directed by executive producer Bryan Andrews with executive producer AC Bradley as head writer.

"What If...?" Season 2 poster
“What If…?” Season 2 poster (courtesy of Disney/Marvel)

The second season of Marvel’s “What If…?” begins streaming exclusively on Disney+ on Friday, December 22, 2023.