There’s just something captivating about giant robots, isn’t there?  From Voltron to Power Rangers, from MechaGodzilla to the Jaegers of “Pacific Rim,” from The Iron Giant to MegaMaid of “Spaceballs” fame – audiences know and love (or love to hate) these super-sized weapons of destruction.

The giant mechanical wonders seem to prove most exciting when operational and allowed to be out and about smashing things – which makes the premise of the forthcoming graphic novel “The Monuments” all the more intriguing.  You see, in “The Monuments,” the giant robots are inert; they have been for several hundred years, after they tried to destroy the world and were all mysteriously shut down at the last moment.  Society has moved forward around them, literally and figuratively… which makes things extra challenging when one of the gargantuan mechanoids starts to come back to life.

Currently moving through the motions on Kickstarter, any and all backers of “The Monuments” will be in luck, as they have a guaranteed success story on their hands: the project was fully funded in its first 12 hours.  It’s an impressive feat for any project, particularly a graphic novel on a smaller, more independent scale.

The book itself will be 140 pages with the ability to grow further, as one stretch goal has already unlocked a production journal to be included in the production.  The story itself is written by Oliver Mertz (First Law of Science, Maybe Someday), with co-writing duties and artwork by Michael S. Bracco (The Creators, Novo), and additional story work by Mike Isenberg (First Law of Mad Science, Fubar).

Here’s the “official” description from the creative team:

THE MONUMENTS is about a fantasy world in which four warring city-states are forced to come together to face a common enemy: giant mysterious mechs. Right before wiping out the entire civilization, the mechs all power down for no clear reason, leaving the survivors to rebuild their world together.

800 years later. The world has moved on. The city-states are now united as one nation: a land littered with massive robotic relics that serve as monuments to a long-forgotten war.

After centuries of dormancy, one of these long-frozen mechs suddenly powers up, revealing a man who is confused, misplaced in time, and still very much alive.

Take a look at some extra art from the project below, and keep an eye on for a forthcoming exclusive interview with the creative team and an advance review of the graphic novel itself soon!

The Kickstarter for ‘The Monuments’ can be found here, and is available for backing until May 1, 2021.