Guardians of the Galaxy #13 cover, courtesy of Marvel

While 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic weren’t exactly kind to the film industry, with many films seeing their release dates bumped an entire year or more in order to accommodate audiences being able to safely return to theaters, the realm of the comic book was able to keep plugging on, largely with business as usual.  Marvel Comics, the inspiration for the widely successful Marvel Cinematic Universe and its groupings of movies and TV shows, has kept fresh stories coming forth featuring readers’ favorite characters; now they have announced that, in just a few short months, some of the world’s greatest superheroes will be entering a “new Space Age” of their own.

Directly from Marvel:

For Earth, there are the Avengers. For everywhere else, there’s the Guardians of the Galaxy. This April, writer Al Ewing teams up with artist Juan Frigeri for a new arc of his epic run on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. The double-sized milestone 175th issue, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #13, will introduce the book’s new lineup, reveal the Guardian’s bold new mission, and welcome readers to Marvel’s new space age!

They were soldiers, misfits, mercenaries, thieves and a family. They were heroes… but times have changed. The galaxy no longer needs heroes. It needs super heroes! In the aftermath of their climatic battle with the Olympian gods, the Guardians of the Galaxy have been deputized by the Galactic Council. New adventures call for new teammates and the Guardians have expanded their roster like never before. Joining Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket, and Groot will be Young Avengers Wiccan and Emperor Hulkling as well as some surprising new teammates yet to be revealed. Now, when the call goes forth – whether it’s from a stranded team of planetary explorers or Emperor Hulkling and his Kree/Skrull Alliance – the Guardians of the Galaxy answer!

The New Age of Space is here. Get on board, True Believer – it’s going to be the ride of your life!

Series writer Ewing went on to state that “GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, both the book and the team, are going to be stepping up a gear in 2021, with villains the team have never faced, guest stars you never thought you’d see, and a new teammate you can’t even begin to believe – all coming together for a crisis that’ll shake every planet in the Marvel universe down to the bedrock… maybe even a backwater planet like Earth.”

Readers won’t have to wait long to see what new cosmic shenanigans the Marvel Universe will encounter; Issue #13 (Legacy #175) of Guardians of the Galaxy will hit comic-book store shelves and digital reading apps in April.