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My science fiction blog is alive now – and I need your help!!!

A Science Fiction Novel is born – How writer and reader can work on it together now


science fiction cover artworkDear reader, welcome on my science fiction blog. It’s dedicated to my recent novel “Connor’s Light – Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” and I hope for some vital interaction with you.

Since my English is not that good at all (I’m from Germany), I decided to keep my postings rather short. Therefore I had another idea to make it worth for you staying and reading here:

Last year my novel was released in German language as print book and ebook on Amazon. Now the translation for the English science fiction fans into English language is in process. While this happens I will present you the book chapter by chapter here on this blog. At least one every week.

So you can already get an early insight into the science fiction novel in beta status and – what is very important to me! – you can discuss in realtime with me about how the read is for you.

Why do I want you to read and to discuss the read at all?

The answer is simple. The book was written in German language and since that’s my native language, I know how the read is in German. I knew how to make my protagonists speak, how to let them express their feelings, how to develope situations and so on. I felt stable in the saddle – in my language. But what’s with the English version?

science fiction artworkEven the translation is done by a pro (not me, of course ;)


anyway??? A big question to me…

So I need YOUR feedback, what do you think; how is the read of the English version?!


Tell me what you think. You can comment right under the postings or just write me by email avafelsenstein-BEEEP! – I’ll see then if and how I can implement the changes you suggest.



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