Keanu Reeves
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You loved him in the first film from ‘The Matrix’ trilogy, he was almost passable in ‘Constantine’ and now Keanu Reeves is set to return to playing the part of a superhero! In this new outing, we’re going to see Reeves potentially tackling a Netflix original superhero series titled ‘Past Midnight’! The show was written by TJ Fixman and is on Rick Famuyiwa‘s plate to direct. This is in addition to Famuyiwa already working to adapt the iconic graphic novel ‘Black Hole‘ for the big screen which will keep the director rather busy moving forward.

It should also be noted that Joe and Anthony Russo (‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’) are set to be helping out as producers. They’ve proven time and time again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be quite capable and tackling the superhero genre.

This is a star-studded crew and I love watching almost everything Reeves is in, so to say it is an exciting project is an understatement. As to what exactly ‘Past Midnight’ is about is another story entirely. The only details we know is that it will be “a new type of vigilante superhero story.”

As Reeves seems to enjoy switching up the type of film he appears in, I’m almost expecting this to have a more comedic aspect. Outside of this role, he is currently playing a darker character in the ‘John Wick’ franchise, and the streaming network already has Marvel’s ‘The Punisher.’ Of course, comedy could put him squarely up against Amazon Studios’ ‘The Tick’ which could be a strategic move on their part but wouldn’t be entirely new at that point.

We’ll see if Reeves ends up signing on the dotted line though it wouldn’t surprise me to see it come together.

Are you interested in learning more about ‘Past Midnight’ as details become available? Do you feel that Keanu Reeves would be perfect to play “a new type of vigilante superhero story”? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline