Earlier in the year, ScienceFiction.com was able to speak to Stan Lee about his career, his life and his all-around thoughts of where the comic book industry and movies are heading. In the first of our 3 part interview with the Generalissimo, he talks about what he thinks made his characters that he created last this long, how Spider-Man almost didn’t make it to publication and how his vision of what Iron Man was supposed to be like finally came to fruition when the film came out.

It was interesting (as well as nerve racking) to speak to such an iconic man who has done so much and has literally become the face of not only Marvel comics but Marvel Entertainment. Lee is a wonderful story teller especially as he speaks about how his publisher originally thought Spider-man was Lee’s worst superhero idea he had ever thought of and how after featuring him in ‘Amazing Fantasy’ #15, the publisher then fell in love with the web slinger.

Lee also briefly talked about his dream of becoming an actor and while he has appeared briefly in many Marvel movies, he’s still holding out hope that there is a director out there that will feature him in a starring role. Hopefully with the many Marvel films in pre-production, there should be one which can feature Lee, don’t you think?

Here’s the first part of our interview with Stan Lee: