marvel female led series jessica jones

Marvel television revealed a lot of their plans this week at the Edinburgh TV Fest, mostly thanks to Karim Zreik, the VP of Marvel TV Original Programming. The latest bit of news comes from a brief interview he had with The Hollywood Reporter about a new female led show Marvel TV is developing, hoping to cash in on the same fanbase that is enjoying ‘Jessica Jones’ so much. However, he did clarify on the matter that “It’s [the new show] Jessica Jones-esque. We want to target different audiences.”

This sounds like they want a similar audience to ‘Jessica Jones,’ but not quite the exact same one, which could be why the new show was confirmed to be on ABC rather than Netflix, as ABC has a somewhat different viewership than Netflix, which tends to skew a little bit younger and more internet savvy.

But who could lead a new female superhero show? Truth be told, Marvel is not lacking for female superheroes, but which ones could they use in Marvel Television that are not already being reserved for the theatrical MCU? Some folks are throwing around the idea of Daisy Johnson aka Quake from ‘Agents of SHIELD’ getting her own spin-off, now that she has stuck with the flagship show for 4 seasons (5 after the one airing this fall), and with her SHIELD background her show could have some of the investigative aspects that ‘Jessica Jones’ has. Others are still pushing for a She-Hulk show, which would be a nice tie-in to Bruce Banner aka The Hulk in the cinematic MCU and give us something slightly different as the She-Hulk is a lawyer by day, giving us a courtroom dynamic that has only been seen in Marvel television in a handful of ‘Daredevil’ episodes. The last rumor at the moment concerns the ‘New Warriors’ show over on Freeform, which apparently was written with the idea in mind that any of its characters could be spun off into their own shows at any time, and the most well-known (believe it or not) character of ‘New Warriors’ is Doreen Green aka Squirrel Girl, but somehow I am just not believing that they would give Squirrel Girl her own series just yet, I just don’t think anyone would take it seriously.

Do you have any theories on who could lead the new female Marvel show on ABC? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!